Recap: Education Korea 2024 and New Possibilities Feb 07 2024

Agent News

We are excited to share with you a recap of what our agent Min was up to in Korea!

To kickstart her trip, Min visited the Education Korea fair. Education Korea is Asia's No. 1 Education and Edtech Exhibition and has been established since 2004. The educational fair displayed exquisite materials and content not only from Korea but also from various foreign countries. Min was blown away as she visited booth to booth, meeting new potential clients and discovering possible ways for collaboration and partnerships. She opened her eyes to the amount of creativity, allowing her to explore new possibilities to work with, such as the use of digital illustrations for both online and offline materials. 

Min also had the chance to meet up with several publishers and licensing companies. While she connected and met new clients, she also reconnected with existing clients to look for new opportunities. Throughout the her 1 week stint, she visited the home grounds of RoiBooks, BookH, Doodoo Story, Hollym, Creverse, Bloop and more. At their offices, they began brewing possible partnership opportunities in 2024 and strategised the best ways to collaborate and we can't wait to see how all these collaborations will work out. 

Min saw the huge potential in the Korean market and she is actively seeking for publishing houses who wish to collaborate. If you missed her at the fair, fret not. You can still connect with her and Yeon agency, simply by sending her an email by clicking here. We are excited to hear from you and to work with you to create an exceptional creative journey. 

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