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We connect Creatives from around the World

If you are truly interested in reaching the global creative marketplace, rather than just your local market, then we are the only agency for you. Based in Singapore, we are perfectly placed to serve as the premier creative hub, connecting creative minds worldwide, bridging East and West together. Our Clients are predominantly large art buying businesses based in the US, UK, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, and locally here in Singapore.

At Yeon Agency, we passionately champion international illustrators, providing dedicated representation. It’s what our clients demand and we are adept at exceeding their expectations. We work in the  Publishing, Decorative, Brand, and Editorial Markets.

At Yeon, we prioritize seamless collaboration through personalized and direct communication and exemplary project management with our Multilingual Artist Agents, all of whom have a high degree of commercial artistic experience.

Join us to expand your global reach and create something truly amazing together! Please submit a link to your portfolio or a collection of images to our partners at ITSme ([email protected]). ITSme works directly with our agents to select and sign our illustrators. Be sure to include the name of our agency in the subject line. We do not require CVs - just a link to your work or attached .jpeg!

To find out more about ITSme and our submission process, please visit:

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

“Mr Ed”- Agency Founder