Meet Ying: Yeon's translation and marketing assistant Jan 05 2024

Agent News

Yeon Agency is excited to introduce our translation and marketing assistant, based in Singapore, Neo Hui Ying (Ying). Ying earned her MA in Korean Language and Literature from Pusan National University and worked as an Assistant Manager at SM Brand Marketing before joining Yeon. 

With her strong communication skills, she fronted the Singapore office by handling partner relations.

Ying has pursued art in various forms her whole life from painting to singing and dancing. She loves to paint her emotions creatively and enjoys immersing herself in the literary world. Ying has also written about art, from art fairs to traditional culture, on social media as well as through journal articles. 

As part of the Yeon Agency, Ying connects clients with the illustrators, regardless of the language they speak. 

Yeon Agency connects international freelance illustrators with the right publishers and creative businesses around the world. Headquartered in Singapore, we bridge continents and cultures to provide a diverse roster of illustrators for publishing, advertising, and art licensing.