About Yeon Agency.

We connect creatives from around the World. From the west to the east, and the east to the west, we connect art buyers with leading global freelance talent.

Yeon Agency is headquartered in the island city state of Singapore, the perfect place in Asia that bridges continents and cultures.

Our aim is to represent top international freelance talent, manage this with the highest expertise, and surpass art buyer’s expectations.  At the same time, we help illustrators succeed in the business environment and improve the virtuous circle of art and commerce. We adhere to this goal with integrity, openness, enthusiasm and a service-oriented attitude.

We proudly represent a diverse roster of leading illustrators. Our illustrators possess a range of styles: from cartoon and hand-drawn to realistic and scientific – ensuring we can meet the style needs of any project. 

To facilitate seamless collaboration, we establish a direct communication channel between you and our illustrators and agents. We use online meetings to enable clear and efficient communication. 

We offer comprehensive project management services, including: translation, art direction, and handling of taxation, authorship, and statutory regulations. Our team will help you resolve differences in time, culture, and language, in regards to our talent. Our expenses are deducted from our commission agreement with the illustrators, so there are no extra handling fees.

At Yeon, we are committed to championing creativity. Our primary goal is to help our illustrators expand their global reach while advancing their illustration and business potential by pairing them with the right publishers or creative businesses. We are eager to work with our colleagues to explore and showcase innovative and diverse art, bridging the gap between the east and west through our illustrators' unique perspectives and styles. 

We connect publishers and creative businesses to illustrators from around the world. With a talent pool from the east and also in the west, we support art buyers who need the best creative talent.

Join Yeon Agency as an illustrator or hire one of our talented illustrators for your next project. 

Meet the Team

Zejun Yao

Zejun Yao

Yeon Agency Manager

Jun is an Artist Agent for Yeon Agency. He is based in the UK where he recently finished his doctoral programme as an artist-sportive-researcher at the University of Leeds. Jun completed a BA in Film Studies and Directing at ESEC Paris, an independent study in audiovisuals at the University of Kyushu, and an MA in International and Artistic Cooperation at the University of Paris 8. He has exhibited and collaborated over the past decade with project series in the UK, France, Spain, USA, and East Asia.

As an illustration agent with Yeon, he continues to explore new talents and collaborate with other illustration agents from Yeon and our sister agencies. His prior roles in art teaching, academic mentoring, and athletics coaching, position him to help Yeon illustrators advance their illustration and business potential by pairing them with the right publisher and client projects.

Outside work, Jun is a dedicated athlete. He enjoys reading, travelling, outdoor activities, and dancing with friends and family.
Minhae Kim

Minhae Kim

Artist Agent

Minhae (Min) is an artist agent based in Singapore. She has been in the Art & Design industry for over 13 years. She completed her BFA in Graphic Design at Parsons in New York City, and has worked as a UX designer at Samsung HQ in Seoul, Korea for a decade. After her relocation to Singapore, she became a self taught pattern designer where she gained understanding of the unique dynamics for both corporate and freelance environments.
Min's passions include her own art and illustration projects, as well as visiting art shows to keep up with the latest artists and trends. She is also a mother, and enjoys all things Plants & Flowers - and achieved master class qualification in the Catherine Muller Flower Course.

As an agent she is excited to be a good bridge between clients and artists. Min is ready to connect you with the perfect artist for your next project.


Babitha is the accounting manager for Yeon Agency. Besides her professional image of a strong business woman, she is also a proud mom with a big heart. She also loves to travel and spend time reading books in her luxury time.
Yuko Taniguchi

Yuko Taniguchi

Japanese translator