Meet Jun on His Summer Tour: Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo Jun 07 2023

Agent News
Yeon's grand summer tour began with agent Min's AFCC visit in May, and continues with the Seoul International Book Fair. Now, Yeon Manager Jun joins the journey with lively events at the Beijing International Book Fair and Content Tokyo.

Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), established in 1986, has emerged as the second-largest book fair globally, serving as a prominent platform for the publishing industry in China and across Asia. It encompasses books, digital media, animation, and other related sectors, making it a significant international exchange event.

Content Tokyo presents a comprehensive exhibition that brings together five specialized trade shows focused on content creation, production, and licensing. It's the ultimate gathering place in Japan and across Asia for content creators, distributors, technology providers, marketing experts, and licensors.

If you're interested in meeting Jun and discovering how Yeon can support your vision and projects, he welcomes you to schedule a focus session, grab a coffee together, or take a walk to have the discussion in motion.

Please reach out to Jun at [email protected] to book a quick appointment.

Jun's schedule includes Beijing from June 14th to June 21st, Shanghai from June 21st to June 26th, and Tokyo from June 26th to July 2nd. His journey will then take him to various locations in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong in July. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we will keep you posted on Jun's experiences and the remarkable destinations he explores. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join Jun on his journey!