Introducing ITSme! Nov 04 2022

Agent News
Here at Yeon Agency, we have been working with ITSme for just over a year. The ITSme team helps us acquire new talented staff members and illustrators, assists with managing our marketing and websites, connects us with universities and helps manage internship applications, and other business operations. The ITSme team has been instrumental in our recent growth as an agency! 
Our manager, Yeeun Kim, has been working closely with Vicky Patoulioti, from ITSme to source and sign new, talented illustrators in Japan, Korea, and China. Vicky has been key in signing new talent, including helping with onboarding and portfolio design. Aside from new talent, Vicky also helps us find and submit our illustrators’ work to competitions. We have had great success in this area, winning first place for visual of Month of Croatian Books 2022, as well as others.
As members of the ITSme Society we follow the charter of “Positive E.F.E.C.T.S”. Its aim is to advance the Environmental, Financial, Ethical, Collaborative, Training, and Social standards of signed agencies. Influencing positive change with the Agencies Staff, outlook, and beyond to those that the Agencies deal with day to day in their commercial dealings; through outreach in education and marketing. Learn more about the “Positive E.F.E.C.T.S.” here
With help from ITSme, we have been able to focus on sales and growth, especially reaching new clients across Asia, and now, globally. Working with the other ITSme Society Agencies has helped us make more connections across the world, expanding our opportunities. This has led to some fantastic deals for our illustrators, many of them quickly becoming illustrators for NYTimes & Amazon Best Sellers, as well as for celebrity authors.
Learn more about ITSme by visiting their website, and connect to their social media channels; Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
ITSme is also about to launch a new learning platform for artists and creatives to learn more about the industry and what agencies are looking for! We invite you to find out more about their learning platform here and feel free to share with any creatives you know that might be interested! Subscribe to their Learning Platform to get more information and find out when they launch!
We look forward to our continued partnership with ITSme!