Artist Feature: BenZhen Sung Jun 12 2024

Artist Features

Welcome the latest artist addition to Yeon Agency, BenZhen Sung! 

BenZhen is a Chinese-American illustrator from Los Angeles, California. After studying concept art at the Feng Zhu School of Design in Singapore, she pivoted to illustration and character design for children’s books and animation. 

She loves drawing people and is constantly inspired by the lived experiences of those she encounters – in books, in the news, in real life. Her designs are usually grounded in a specific time and culture, but in her artwork she seeks to convey the universal, depicting themes like wonder, friendship, courage, and sacrifice, which people everywhere can relate to. 

Like Dostoevsky, BenZhen is convinced that beauty will save the world. And that coffee, music, and good conversation will always save the day. BenZhen strives to create art that is full of emotion and truth. 

For those interested to work with BenZhen, check out her portfolio here and contact us at [email protected] for potential opportunities! 

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