Artist Feature: Buse Kaçar Feb 09 2024

Artist Features

We are super excited to introduce our newly signed artist, Buse Kaçar!

Buse is an illustrator from Istanbul, Turkey, but is currently living in Germany. She received her Bachelor's degree in Plastic Arts & Painting.

Buse's work mainly focuses on children's toys, books, and puzzles, and the editorial markets. She aspires to create art to celebrate cultural diversity and to craft a world free from bias. 

Buse is highly inspired by the cartoons she watched as a kid. Through her artwork, she tries to create a similar experience of warmth and belonging. Alongside her attention to detail, she hopes for her audience to find something new with every viewing.

Buse has been a part of several international exhibitions and was a finalist in the Golden Pinwheel 2023 in the commercial category. As a proud pug mom and an introvert, Buse is excited to continue creating with us. 

To work with Buse, contact her agent Min here

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