New Artist Feature: Alizee Favier Jul 27 2022

Artist Features

We are happy to debut another new artist, Alizee Favier! 

Alizee was born and raised in Lyon, France, where she graduated from the Ecole Emile Colh in 2016. There, Alizee trained in traditional drawing, illustration, and animation. Alizee now works with both traditional and digital media, creating vibrant and colourful images. When working traditionally she has a particular love of coloured pencils and watercolour. Her digital work focuses on animations and pencil-style illustrations. Since leaving school, Alizee has worked as an illustrator and animator on many projects. While working on children’s video games she had the opportunity to develop her own project, “Kotick’s Journey”. “Kotick’s Journey” is a transmedia, interactive project to raise children’s awareness of marine ecology. With an enthusiastic attitude and a love of board games and nature, Alizee is ready for more fun and creative projects.