Kevin the Carrot and the Christmas Beanstalk, illustrated by Adam Horsepool Oct 28 2020

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Kevin the Carrot and the Christmas Beanstalk

Illustrated by Adam Horsepool

Published by Igloo Books 

our very talented illustratorAdam Horsepool, has just finished illustrating a second title for the much loved Christmas Carrots, for Igloo Books who have partnered up with supermarket Aldi for a second time. 

This year’s picture book, Kevin the Carrot and the Christmas Beanstalk, was written by Igloo Books’ in-house writer Stephanie Moss and illustrated by Adam Horsepool, and tells the story of what happens when ‘Wicked Parsnip’ tries to ruin Christmas day. In addition to this adventurous story book, Igloo have also published a Kevin the Carrot Christmas Activity Book. Loved Kevin and Katie's Christmas Adventure? Be sure to check out the return of Kevin the Carrot as the adventures continue once again this magical winter season!

We asked Adam to share his thoughts on what is was like working on such an exciting project for us, have a read below: 

"It always feels like the run up to Christmas when this project comes through. I had the pleasure to follow the carrots journey for the second year and I couldn't be happier with Kate's work over at Advocate to get this opportunity again for me; I can truly say this was a crazy but fun month. I love playing with perspective and colours and with the story being around the Christmas beanstalk, it gave me the chance to show the scale of the stalk. It was also really nice to introduce the new carrot family members that added to the action of the story and was fun to see them grow throughout the narrative. I have received so much positive feedback already and have even had a chance to sign a few books in my local Aldi which was a surreal experience for me. All in all I will always continue to follow the journey of the Kevin and Katy whether I do the next book or not, I'm forever a fan."