Our Top Projects of 2022 Dec 20 2022

Published works

This has been a big year for Yeon. We have signed many new illustrators and worked with them on countless wonderful projects! To celebrate this wonderful year, we put together a list of our top three projects released in 2022. These were big, long-running projects, that include multiple books and many of our illustrators! 

1. Interactive sound books, illustrated by Teresa Bellon, published with Blue Rabbit

This was such a fun project to work on. Both the client and the artist are very communicative and Teresa provided wonderful illustrations for their new books. Blue Rabbit is a regular client and always great to work with!  

2. Storybook with economic themes published by Smile Books 

This project included many books with work from 7 of our illustrators; Anastasia Zababashkina, Dina Usmandi, Juanbjuan Oliver, Ksenia Zababashkina, Letizia Rizzo, Marusha Belle, and Zeynep Ozatalay. Throughout this project, we build up a great relationship with Smile Books. This book series has also been widely enjoyed by young readers and their parents. 

3. Super People published by Doodoo Story 

This project also included multiple books illustrated by many of our illustrators; Camipepe, Marusha Belle, Shao-Hua Wu, Sue Downing, and Veronica Carratello. Doodoo is one of our regular clients and they love working with unique art styles, making their projects a lot of fun. They also love working with new illustrators, creating opportunities for more of our artists. 

We can't wait for more wonderful projects in 2023!