The Drawing Book Art Series, Illustrated by Yeon Artists Apr 30 2024

Published works

We're excited to share our latest successful publication, The Drawing Book Art series (THE 그림책 아트) from Kids Schole. The Drawing Book Art series is a 30-book series that can be categorized as Art Play, Art Harmony and Art Gallery. The series includes an activity book to encourage young readers to begin drawing as a hobby. 

Kids Schole is a children’s book publishing house based in South Korea that focuses on being the change by creating interesting books for young learners. Through their publications, Kids Schole hopes to encourage and cultivate strong reading habits in young children, as well as to entice them into picking up key skills like writing and drawing without fear. Through this carefully curated series, Kids Schole hopes to bring art into young readers’ lives.

Our lovely Yeon artists Teresa Bellon, Carles Ballesteros and Sue Downing, as well as artists Sophia Touliatou and Sarah Goodreau from our sister agencies, participated in the illustrations of five inspirational books. Sophia illustrated the book Let Me Comfort You (내가 호 불어 줄게요), Sarah illustrated Pictures at the Gallery (전람회의 그림), and Treasure Hunt (보물찾기 여행) was illustrated by Teresa. We had Carles work on Seoul Rat and New York Rat that Came to Momma (모마에 온 서울쥐와 뉴욕쥐) and Sue worked on Baby Angel that Visited Uffizi (우피치에 온 아기천사).

You can take a look at some of their other works by clicking on their portfolios below:

Teresa Bellon | Carles Ballesteros | Sue Downing

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Cover image by Kids Schole