A Book Drawn Together: All Your Moments, a collaborative picture book project Nov 20 2023

We're excited to share our recent collaboration with Roi Visual Books and KT Kidsland. At Yeon Agency, we take great pride in our role as connectors in the creative world, particularly in scenarios where multiple artists are involved.

The Project Overview: 

Roi Visual Books set out to create a special picture book called "A Book Drawn Together: All Your Moments.” The objective was clear: to show the beauty of parenting and the significance of family love. This project involved the participation of 57 individuals, including 25 parents, 17 children as writers, and 15 artists from around the world. They captured seven different emotional moments of parenting, like happiness, comfort, joy, sadness, pride, and remorse.

Impact Beyond the Pages: 

The "Book Drawn Together" not only contributes to the literary world but also has a heartwarming impact on society. Almost 2,000 copies of the book will soon be available in online and offline bookstores. A portion of the profit will be donated to Save the Children, a notable child protection organization. The client's commitment extends to hosting an original painting exhibition to be responsible in society. 

Yeon Agency played a significant role in making this project happen by coordinating with 10 artists from Yeon and our sister agencies. This included managing project schedules, providing art direction, ensuring effective communication among the artists, and facilitating translations when necessary. Our team worked tirelessly to meet the client's expectations and deliver top-quality illustrations. This approach streamlined the project, making it effortless for the client to navigate the creative process. This project vividly illustrates the essence of true collaboration — not just between writers and illustrators but also between us and our valued clients.

Please contact our agents, we look forward to discussing your next project and exploring how we can continue to grow and connect with you!

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*Photo credit: KT키즈랜드 (KT Kidzsland)