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Kousuke & Konatsu Sako

Kousuke & Konatsu Sako

Kousuke and Konatsu are an illustration team based in Japan. Although each had a separate career, they began working together after they got married. They both studied under Japanese artist Junzo Terada. Their alternating styles of painting using digital technology created a filtered effect that transformed the illustration into something more exciting than they could have imagined themselves. Their style is characterized by colorful and humorous depictions of animals, people, and various characters while conveying a sense of fun through playful expressions. They also love toys and dolls from around the world, which greatly influences their imagination and the stories they create. The mobile library they created was shortlisted at WIA 2022. They also participate in exhibitions with their handmade work, or for children’s illustrations at libraries and museums.查看完整简介


Feb 15 2023