Welcome All Humans, Ghosts, and Monsters!


Lightning and thunder crash in the distance as you run down the dark hallway! The portraits’ eyes seem to follow your shaking form, and the hallway seems never ending. The candle you’re holding flickers and burns out, leaving you in the dark. Just then, a ghostly whisper breathes next to your ear, “Look there, over there.” A figure points inside a room, where you hesitantly enter. A gust of wind suddenly enters the room and the candles around you light up in unison. There, on the wall, are ten spooky artworks. You feel… Astounded.

Stare at our spooky Halloween illustrations from our astounding illustrators and feel the chills down your spine. Could one of these be the perfect fit for your next project? Get in touch to find out more about our artists.

Junissa Bianda

Katie Crumpton

Kat Uno

Pamela Barieri

Udayana Lugo

Forrest Burdett

Aleksandra Szmidt

Alice Brereton

Anna Laera 

Yee Von Chan

Flavia Zuncheddu