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Yi Chi Huang

Yi Chi Huang

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Yi Chi Huang is a Taiwanese illustrator and graphic designer. After completing her animation studies, she pursued a Masters degree in Illustration in the UK. Over the course of six years, she worked as an in-house graphic designer both in Taiwan and London. She prefers to work digitally, but she also enjoys hand printing and crafting books. Her artwork is characterized by its unique style, vibrant colors, and integration of graphic design and animation into illustrations. In addition to this, she excels at portraying characters, animals, and atmospheric settings. Yi Chi has worked as a freelancer for over seven years, with a portfolio spanning book and album designs, brand development, packaging design and printing. She has a passion for reading, traveling, and movies, which inspires her to reinterpret her favorite works in her own unique way.View Full Bio

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Artist Feature: Yi Chi Huang

Jun 11 2024

We're excited to welcome our new Yeon artist, Yi Chi Huang! Yi Chi is a Taiwanese illustrator and graphic designer.