Bonfire Night Burning Bright


In the U.K a historical event is celebrated every winter, to commemorate the attempted gunpowder plot on parliament in 1605.

As a quick history lesson, the plot was led by Robert Catesby a provincial English Catholic, who had along with a group of others, stashed gunpowder under The Houses of Parliament in order to assassinate King James I. Another name for Bonfire Night is Guy Fawkes after the Dutch Catholic who was caught trying to set alight the gunpowder, foiling the plot. At the time, effigies of Guy Fawkes were burned in celebration by the people and this practice continued into a more general assembling of a bonfire and fireworks today. On November 5th people will gather at their neighbour’s homes or in parks for firework displays, activities like Apple bobbing and to play with sparklers. In more rural areas, effigies are still burned and sometimes a brave few will run through the streets carrying a burning barrel on their backs!

With Bonfire night being a heartwarming winter activity for all the family, we asked some of our artists to create scenes inspired by this explosive night and they delivered with some sparkling spreads!

Millie Liu sent us the perfect picture of a central London celebration, enjoying the fireworks from a rooftop!

April Hartmann gave us children alight with excitement from the glowing evening.

Chris Saunders has shown us his penguin, painting the sky with a rainbow sparkler.

Hannah Marks knows that anyone (human or otherwise) can enjoy the bigger firework displays from their own back yard.