Aurora Visits New York Comic Con!




We Asked Astound Agent Aurora to give us an Insight into What she got up to at Comic Con!


Even on a Thursday, New York Comic Con was a whirlwind! As usual, the event drew a huge and diverse crowd. I had a few meetings on that very crowded show floor with industry professionals from top comics publishing companies. It’s certainly a lively experience to discuss publishing strategy while an editor in chief hands out t-shirts or makes room for a child to pose with a cosplayer. Discussing licensed characters, for example, is especially interesting in an environment where there are eight foot tall displays and countless homemade costumes of  these characters. Editors were interested in portfolios with a high level of skill (in pencils, inks and color all together) but also distinct portfolios that break the mold. Many companies are expanding into newer, including younger, markets and they want different looks to appeal to different demographics.


I also made time to stop by the artist alley, where I ran into our own Geneva Bowers. Her beautiful booth featured foiled prints of her artwork as well as bound copies of her original stories. It made me proud to represent such a talented and cutting edge artist. The artist alley this year featured several established illustrators for the household names like Marvel and DC, but also had many young, up-and-coming graphic novel artists. A few had recently signed their first deals with traditional children’s publishing houses. Their artwork takes influences from indie zines, social media trends, and Saturday morning cartoons, while their stories tap into contemporary politics, all together setting the trends for what comics books will become.


Overall I had a very inspirational time at New York Comic Con! I am excited to share everything I absorbed with the illustrators I represent, to see what our next generation of comic book artists can bring to the medium I love so much.


Take a look through the gallery to see some of the things that caught Aurora’s eye!