Artist Feature: Kai Peng Mar 28 2024

Artist Features

Meet the latest addition to Yeon, Kai Peng! 

Kai Peng is a professional illustrator based in Shanghai. He graduated from the Fashion Design Department of Shanghai Engineering and Technology University in 2001.

After graduating, Kai worked in advertising creative design industry for over ten years. Consistently influenced by illustrators such as Christoph Niemann and Jean Jullien, he left the advertising industry in 2016 to become a professional illustrator.

His work medium revolves around Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator, where he uses them to create humorous and vivid content. His unique creativity has allowed him to garner widespread attention on social media.

In addition to collaborating with numerous brands, Kai creates a series of works focusing on the lifestyle of people in urban areas.

If you are interested to work with Kai, do not hesitate to contact our artist agent Min

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