Artist Feature - Giulia Di Cara Mar 12 2024

Artist Features

Meet our lovely new artist - Giulia Di Cara!

Giulia Di Cara was born in Palermo, Italy. She has always loved comics and graphic novels, which led her to discover her passion for drawing.

She then chose to study at the Comic and Illustration course of the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo, where she discovered the amazing world of illustration. After graduating with honors in 2022, Guilia started working as a freelance illustrator in the children’s book industry, board games, and mobile games. 

Giulia’s work is characterized by vivid colors, soft, penciled strokes, with particular attention to storytelling. Past clients include Storytime Magazine, De Agostini, Giunti, Raffaello Scuola, Cricket Media, and others.

Now, Giulia lives in Naples and she is continuing her pursuit as a freelance illustrator, hoping to explore and develop her artistic skills to new heights. 

If you are interested to work with Giulia, you can contact her agent Min here

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