100 Days of Math, illustrated by José Fernández Villamayor Jan 23 2024

Published works

We're excited to share a new project that we recently completed! 100 Days of Math is a series of 4 books that are illustrated by our wonderful Yeon artist José Fernández Villamayor. The books have hit the shelves and are now available.

The series is based on the program Complete 100 Days of Mathematics, 1 Lesson a Day that focuses on basic arithmetic skills. From ‘Numbers up to 5’ on day 1 to ‘Subtraction with regrouping’ on day 100, the program aims to develop a sense of number in children by getting them to solve one problem per day. Children will learn to understand principles and solve problems through repeated exposure to specific concepts and solving abstract formulas. If a child solves a problem easily, their confidence in math will increase and they will naturally enjoy studying math.

100 Days of Math is published by Roi Visual Books, known for their dedication to delivering fun and meaningful reading experiences. José’s work is represented by our amazing agent Min, who works tirelessly to champion his artistic talent.

To work with José, please contact our agent Min. We look forward to discussing your next project and exploring how we can help you realise your visions.

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