Artist Feature: Taweechob Pinthong Nov 30 2023

We are thrilled to introduce you to the talented Taweechob Pinthong!

Taweechob is an illustrator and designer from Thailand who has experience in a wide range of fields. He aims to be a node that connects others around him, and also strives to help others to the best of his ability. Taweechob is a prolific artist, and has produced about 2,600 artworks including illustrations, drawings, screen prints, ads, and photography. 

Taweechob mainly works digitally. His process usually starts with creating sketches to work out his compositions and figures, before transferring the completed idea onto a tablet. This gives him more room for mistakes and experimentation as he works, which is important as his artworks are so detailed. He has an unstoppable need to keep creating, no matter what people say.

If you're interested to see more of his work, click here to see his portfolio, or connect with the agent Min to work together with Taweechob!

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