Artist Feature: Elena Della Rocca Sep 27 2023

Artist Features

Meet Elena Della Rocca: The Italian Illustrator

Elena Della Rocca is an Italian freelance illustrator with a passion for spreading positivity and education through her vibrant art. She studied Fine Arts and illustration in Florence before settling in Turin.

Since 2018, Elena has been crafting enchanting illustrations for children's books, editorial projects, toys, games, and occasional websites and advertising. She's especially dedicated to feminist projects that promote social change.

Elena's artwork is a burst of happiness and color, often featuring children and whimsical monsters. She embraces digital techniques and continuously seeks to enhance her skills.

Beyond her artistry, Elena is a dynamic soul, driven by a love for travel, literature, sports, and adventure.

Explore Elena Della Rocca's world of positivity and creativity through her art.

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