Artist feature: Jisun Lee Sep 18 2023

Meet Jisun Lee: The Dream-Weaver.

Jisun Lee, a Seoul-based digital illustrator originally from Namhae-gun, South Korea, is a true master of dreamy artwork inspired by the unconscious mind. With a talent for sequential illustrations, boasting captivating compositions, vibrant hues, and unique character designs, Jisun's art often revolves around the beauty of nature and the harmonious relationship between humans and animals.

Her journey in art includes a BA in Animation from Pusan National University and an MA in Illustration from Kingston University London. Jisun's work has graced picture books, earned accolades at the Fab Prize London 2020, and adorned walls, animations, and album covers. She's also made her mark in the London art scene through EWAAC exhibitions and contributed to the imaginative interior design of Toy Kingdom Play at South Korea's Starfield Shopping Centre. Step into Jisun Lee's dream-inspired world of digital artistry!

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