Mai Ngo Featured at AFCC 2023 May 05 2023

Artist Features

The 14th Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) is set to be held in Singapore from 25th to 28th May 2023. 

Organised by the Singapore Book Council, the festival will be in-person and will feature various renowned artists and illustrators. One of the exciting young illustrators to showcase her work is our very own Yeon represented artist Mai Ngo. Mai is a Vietnamese illustrator and creative designer who has made a name for herself in the publishing industry. Mai's works are inspired by ancient myths, folk tales, and the imagination of children. 

After graduating with a degree in architecture, Mai discovered her passion for visual storytelling and decided to pursue a career in illustration. Her talent has earned her numerous accolades, including the Merit Award at Jungle Graphic Design Award 2018, Winner of the Self-Promotion category at the Applied Arts Photography & Illustration Awards 2019 (Canada), and the Silver Award at the JIA Award 2020 (Japan). Mai is represented by Yeon Agency and has been selected to exhibit her illustrations at the BOOK ILLUSTRATORS GALLERY(BIG) programme at AFCC 2023. BIG showcases the best illustrations from artists and illustrators of Southeast Asia, and this year, Vietnam is the "Country of Focus" at the festival. Mai's artwork, featured in Storytime Magazine, depicts "Myths and Legends" and "Tales around the World," aimed at inspiring children to learn about different cultures worldwide. Every single detail in the illustrations were researched carefully and selectively from book collections of Japanese ancient culture and the history of the Aztecs books. 

AFCC 2023 is an excellent opportunity to discover talented artists such as Mai Ngo and appreciate their creative works. To learn more about Mai Ngo, visit her artist profile at Yeon Agency at You can also find her featured on the SCBWI illustrator gallery at

Interested in working with Mai? Do contact Jun to see her availability for your next illustrated project.