Introducing Yeon's Creative Assistant May 05 2023

Agent News

Sandy is Yeon’s Creative Assistant. She is a multidisciplinary artist, passionate about both performing and visual arts. Since a young age, she has actively performed on stage, playing the flute and showcasing her live vocal talents in a variety of venues, from concert halls to live houses. Throughout her artistic journey, Sandy has consistently demonstrated the value of teamwork by participating in various performing arts ensembles and collaborating with fellow artists.

In recent years, Sandy has expanded her artistic repertoire by delving into film photography and videography, honing her skills in visual storytelling. Alongside her artistic pursuits, Sandy spent six years working as a dedicated sales agent at Prudential Assurance.

Sandy's love for nurturing growth and development extends beyond the arts, as she has also amassed years of experience in early childhood education. Through her work in this field, she has discovered the joy of interacting with children, creating a positive and supportive learning environment that fosters their creativity and intellectual curiosity. During her leisure time, Sandy takes pleasure in immersing herself in manga, appreciating various music genres, experiencing cinematic adventures, and exploring new destinations through travel.

She now brings her experiences and passions for the arts to her role here at Yeon Agency.