Artist feature: Susie Hammer Sep 27 2023

Artist Features

Introducing Susie Hammer, a talented author and illustrator of children's books. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, Susie sought sunnier horizons in Madrid, where she embarked on her journey as an illustrator, deeply influenced by the city's vibrant and colorful surroundings.

Susie's art is a celebration of minimalism, employing simple shapes and vivid colors to create a playful and joyful world of imagination. While she primarily works digitally, her hands often bear the colorful marks of her craft.

Beyond her illustration work, Susie shares her artistic passion with young minds, teaching art in schools and hosting workshops. In 2018, she designed the "Playing Fields" project, a creative space for children at the Contemporary Arts Center in Murcia.

In her spare time, Susie enjoys leisurely walks with her dog and the freedom to sing to her heart's content when no one is listening. 

Step into Susie Hammer's sunlit world of illustrations and experience the magic.

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