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Lissy Marlin

Lissy Marlin

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Lissy is an illustrator with a passion and love for animation, visual development, and children's books. Lissy was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and currently lives in the U.S., where she studied illustration at the University of the Arts of Philadelphia. Lissy has been holding a pencil for as far as she can remember. She taught herself how to draw by copying cartoons she used to watch on TV; however, her passion with illustration and animation truly began after watching Spirited Away, an award-winning film by Hayao Miyazaki. Since that time, Miyazaki has been her biggest artistic influence, and making people smile with beautiful and inspiring images has been her main purpose as an artist. Lissy loves traveling and learning about different languages and cultures. She loves stargazing and has a fascination with the universe. If she were to choose another career, she would most likely be an art teacher for young children in many different countries…Or an Astronaut! She collects art books of all kinds. Libraries and Disney World are her biggest weaknessesVai alla biografia intera

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Oct 29 2020