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Claudio Cerri

Claudio Cerri

Je suis occupé pendant 2 mois, mais n'hésitez pas à booker quelques dates pour votre projet!
Claudio Cerri lives in Italy, working as a freelance illustrator for many publishing houses around the world. He has experinece of more than 10 years specialising in books for children and young adults. His style is fresh and fun. He loves to draw funny characters and make them act, just as if they were movie actors! He is inspired by everything around him, people, animals, books and films. He started working with acrylic paints, but now all his work is digital. His passions, apart from drawing, are reading books, listening to music and watching films. When he finds some free time, he also likes to play video games Afficher la bio complète

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Mar 16 2021