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Caroline Romanet

Caroline Romanet

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Caroline was born in Lyon, France, where she still lives today. After graduating from Emile Cohl School of Arts, she worked in the video games industry as a 2D/3D textures and level designer. After this, she had the opportunity to work as a freelance author and illustrator. What she loved the most was the diversity of themes, audiences, and clients that came along with her career change. She mostly works digitally but also loves traditional mediums such as watercolour and ink. Caroline is a big fan of Fantasy, dark chocolate, United Kingdom, The Neverending Story, Badminton, Quentin Blake, Julia Sara’s illustrations, Reza Afshar covers and Ilia Repin’s paintings. She is known under two different identities, Caroline Romanet and Alice A.Morentorn. It used to make sense according to the way she worked (digitally or traditionally) but now she uses either her name or her pseudo all the same! Happily, for everyone, Batman is far better than her at keeping his identity a secretView Full Bio

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