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We are "Camipepe", Camila Olivares (Cami) and José Flores (Pepe), independent illustrators living in La Serena, Chile. We've been working together for four years, and we started right after finishing our degree in graphic design. We began to illustrate together for fun and we liked it so much that we decided to dedicate ourselves to it in a serious way. We also decided to work as freelancers because we knew that it was the best way to take advantage of our time. That now allows us the freedom of creating works that we are proud of. “Camipepe” is a fusion of creativity, love, and hard work. We love using bright colors and simple shapes with a childish touch. We use a digital technique that allows us to have very versatile illustrations, but we also have ventured into painting and muralism. Our favorite themes are animals, culture, nature and everyday lifeView Full Bio

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Great Artists for Children's Branding!

Jul 28 2021

One of the greatest aspects to Children’s advertising campaigns is the scope creatives have to work with when designing their campaigns. They