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Bryan Lim

Bryan Lim

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Bryan Iim was born in Penang in Northern Malaysia in 1981. As a child, he was fascinated by colorful pictures and drawn to drawing. As a teenager, Bryan started honing his illustration skills, further developing those skills when he went on to study concepts and illustration. Bryan started his illustration career as a children’s book illustrator. Later, he moved into digital illustration and lecturing. After years of practice, he has mastered digital painting to express traditional painting styles. In his free time, Bryan loves watching animated movies, which are one of the biggest inspirations for his art. He loves to add storytelling elements to his work, to help readers understand the meaning of the painting. Bryan is constantly pushing his artistic dream to improve and create more great art.View Full Bio

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New Artist Feature: Bryan Iim

Nov 01 2022

We are happy to debut another new artist, Bryan Lim ! Bryan Iim was born in Penang in Northern Malaysia in 1981. As