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Andy Rowland

Andy Rowland

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Andy has always loved drawing; one of his earliest memories is of his dad bringing home reams of scrap paper from the printers for him to use because he went through so much. Eventually he went on to study Illustration at Manchester Metropolitan University, where, during his second year he won the Macmillan prize for the design and illustration of a children’s book. Since then he has worked freelance, mainly on children’s books, illustrating over one hundred books for clients such as Bloomsbury, Macmillan, Usborne, Hachet, Lerner, Pearson, Franklin Watts, OUP and many others. He has also worked artistically in the voluntary sector as well as mural work, portraiture, printed products and surface pattern design. Andy lives in Greater Manchester, England, with his partner and two childrenView Full Bio

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The reveal of the mysterious vehicles 揭秘汽车 illustrated by Andy Rowland

Oct 18 2022

Published works揭秘汽车 The reveal of the mysterious vehiclesIllustrated by Andy RowlandText by Paul VirrPublished by Future Publishing 未来出版社Product by Lelequ 乐乐趣The