Afa Tazkia

Afa Tazkia

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Afa was born in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in 1997. With her shy nature, drawing quickly became a hobby and a fun medium for telling stories. Afa grew up with an admiration for Disney and anime and holds high aspirations for her artwork. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in art and design, she spent 2 years in the webcomic world before falling in love with children’s book illustration. Afa enjoys the research process before jumping into new work. Although she prefers to create digital works, Afa still likes to use traditional pencils and paper for exploring ideas. Afa loves cats and spends most of her time in her favorite place, her own room. From here she wants to spread happiness and good values through her artworkView Full Bio

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New artist feature: Afa Tazkia

Oct 24 2022

Yeon agency is excited to introduce another talented artist, Afa Tazkia!Afa grew up with an admiration for Disney and anime