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I was born and raised in Taiwan, then moved to the United States when I was 16. I was exposed to both Eastern and Western culture at a young age, which has helped develop my multilingual skills and constructed my multicultural background. I am fluent in both English and Chinese, as well as holding a language certificate in Japanese.


Being a trilingual has further connected myself to understand the local people and their values, which also equipped me with the skill to interpret the cultural differences from both Eastern and Western standpoints.


I graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art with MFA in Print media, and have since worked in many creative fields as a travel artist, a freelance designer, a teacher, and a translator. In my spare time I love DIY home improvement projects, reading and playing board games.


As a professional artist myself, I have always being dedicated in connecting art into our society and daily experiences. Art shouldn’t be something that is distant and unreachable, it should be a touchable, usable, wearable, and playable creation. It is so clear to me that we need to connect more beautiful artwork with industries, and this is the reason why I joined Yeon Agency. We represent many talented artists with various styles from all over the world, we not only want to connect East and West, but also local to global. I truly enjoy every minute of my job, and it is my pleasure to work with you!